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2022 Virtual Homecoming Week Will Take Place Oct. 17-22

It’s that time again! Are you pumped and ready to celebrate our 2022 Virtual Homecoming during the week of October 17? This year, our theme is “Come Together.”

2022 virtual homecoming

Our goal during the 2022 Virtual Homecoming is to highlight the importance of coming together as a University community, which includes our faculty, staff, current students, and alumni. We seek to celebrate all of the amazing work of our students and alumni who have helped us become a shining light in education.

This celebration is a week full of information on alumni benefits, engaging stories and testimonials on social media, and virtual events. There will also be swag giveaways and networking opportunities.

To access all the events happening during this week, be sure to send in your RSVP. Once you are registered, watch your email for instructions to gain entrance to the Virtual Homecoming portal.

You can also follow our alumni social media channels to stay up to date on the latest happenings:  

2022 Virtual Homecoming Schedule

October 17: Kickoff Day

October 17 is our Kickoff Day. As we welcome you to all the great efforts happening this week, celebrate your academic journey on social media using the hashtags #AMU4Life or #APU4Life.

At noon ET, we will also host a Facebook Live presentation, “Returning for Another Degree, Certificate or Credential.” Here is your chance to hear from Financial Aid Advising and Academic Advising on the process.

October 18: Honor Day

We want to take this time to honor you for all you’ve accomplished while with the University. Share your University awards and accomplishments with us on social media using the hashtags #AMUHonor/#APUHonor.

October 19: Diploma Day

Celebrate your diplomas and commencement memories. Shout out your conferral years on social media using the hashtags #AMUDiploma/#APUDiploma.

Also, join us at 7 p.m. ET for a chance to hear from our Career Services team on how you can utilize their lifelong services. It’s also an opportunity to hear from one of our recruiting partners, SkillStorm. The link will be available in the Virtual Homecoming Hub when you RSVP.

October 20: Alumni Day

This day is all about alumni benefits and opportunities you still have as an alum of our University. Share your alumni testimonials with us on social media using the hashtags #AMUAlum/#APUAlum.

At 7 p.m. ET, come and learn about the joys of staying connected with the University from a few of your own, the Alumni Advisory Council. Learn more about how you can apply for the 2023 Alumni Advisory Council. The link will be available in the Virtual Homecoming Hub when you RSVP.

October 21: School Spirit Day

Show your pride as an AMU Eagle or APU Volunteer on social media using the hashtags #AMUPride/#APUPride.

Also, be sure to attend our 2022 Virtual Homecoming Hangout at 7 p.m. ET. It will be an evening of fun, games and prizes. We will also announce our Homecoming Royals winners, Diploma Frame winners, and top three Virtual 5K runners. The link will be available in the Virtual Homecoming Hub when you RSVP.

Other Ways to Celebrate 2022 Virtual Homecoming Week

Diploma Frame Giveaway

During this week, we are giving away an AMU and an APU diploma frame to two lucky winners.

The winners will be chosen at the Virtual Homecoming Hangout on October 21. To claim this prize, you must be in attendance at the Virtual Homecoming Hangout.

Virtual Homecoming 5K

If you like to run, register for our Virtual Homecoming 5K before October 16. We are running in support of Wreaths Across America. You can both run and donate wreaths – help us to reach our goal of 500 wreaths for the 5K.

We’ve got a lot to celebrate, and it’s all because of the amazing people that make up this University community. Don’t miss out on one of the biggest celebrations of the year – be sure to join us at the 2022 Virtual Homecoming to get this party started!

LaVarn Gordon is a Student and Alumni Affairs Liaison. He is originally from Portsmouth, Virginia, but currently resides in Charles Town, West Virginia. LaVarn has been with the University since May 2017. His greatest joy is engaging and supporting the student and alumni body. LaVarn has an undergraduate degree in religious studies from Shenandoah University and is also a lover of music.

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