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4 Reasons to Use the APUS Mobile App

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mobile-app-reasons-to-useBy Madeline Roberts
Online Learning Tips Contributor

One of the benefits of online education is the ability to work on your assignments anywhere with an internet connection. Students at American Public University are parents, employees, and volunteers and they need a flexible classroom environment that works with their busy schedules.

The APUS Mobile App, launched in May 2015, gives APU and AMU students the ability to work from anywhere. The added features within the app makes it easy to fit earning a degree into your lifestyle. These are just four ways the APUS Mobile App helps the online student.

  1. Post forum responses on the go

Discussion forums are an important part of each online course at APU. The mobile app lets you work on responses on your morning commute, while waiting at the airport, or even at home when your computer is in the other room.

  1. Message your professor or classmates

At times, you may have a question for your instructor or classmate that can’t wait until you’re home in front of your laptop. Using the mobile app, you can send and receive messages throughout the day and get answers to your time sensitive questions.

  1. See your assignments at any time

Need to plan your study schedule? Check your assignment due dates at any time with the mobile app so you can set business meetings, make social plans, or go to bed early without the fear of missing a deadline.

  1. Check your grades from anywhere

In 2015, 64% of adults reported owning a smartphone and usually have it with them at all times. Using the APUS Mobile App, students can check their grades and even toggle between active courses to see assignment feedback.

Download the APUS mobile app today in the Apple App Store, or Google Play for Android devices, to explore these features and more. If you’re interested in learning more about degree programs at American Public University, visit www.studyatapu.com.

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