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5 Soft Skills Employees in Every Job Need

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soft-skills-workersBy Sam Narisi
Online Career Tips, Guest Contributor

All jobs are different and require different sets of skills for an employer to decide that an applicant is qualified.

For example, candidates for IT jobs will need to possess certain technical skills in order to be considered.

However, most jobs still have a lot in common, and there are certain qualities organizations look for, regardless of which position is open. Here are five of the soft skills organizations look for in employees for every type of job:

1. Desire to learn

One thing most jobs have in common: They won’t stay the same for long. Whether due to new technology, changes in the industry, or changes within the organization itself, what’s needed for a position probably won’t be the same in a few years.

That’s why one of the most important soft skills employers look for is a willingness and an ability to constantly be learning new things.

2. Innovation

Employees on a daily basis must be expected to respond to unpredictable challenges. Therefore, innovation, problem solving, and critical thinking skills are important in all types of positions.

Also, as companies grow, they want employees who can help them adapt and offer creative ideas for the future.

 3. Communication

Even employees in the most technical positions can’t escape the need to communicate verbally and in writing with their colleagues.

All business involves collaboration, and strong communication skills – which means talking and listening – are necessary for making sure the whole organization is on the same page.

4. Project management

Even employees that aren’t in a management position need to be held accountable for their work, whether it’s that of a small team or just their own.

Companies need employees who are organized, can multitask, and will meet all of their deadlines.

5. Integrity and honesty

When hiring managers are interviewing and assessing candidates, they’re basically asking one question: Is this the kind of person I would want to work with and have work for me?

In other words, companies want employees who are honest and take responsibility for their work, rather than pass it off to others. Managers want someone who will make everyone else’s jobs easier and improve morale among the team.

About the Author:

Sam Narisi is a senior technology editor with Progressive Business Publications.  Interested in a career in writing? Check out PBP Employment for job opportunities.

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