Christine Muncy


By Christine Muncy
Associate Vice President, Career Services, APUS

Finding a job in 2020 is an intense experience. The competition for open jobs has exploded due to historical unemployment rates, job uncertainty, and the demand for telecommuting and remote positions. If you find yourself overwhelmed like so many others, it’s time to take a critical look at your job search strategy to ensure it’s up to date with the current business world.

Start a management degree at American Public University.

First, understand you are not in this alone. Finding the right job is like a science. You need to be educated on how to write your resume and custom cover letters, as well as how to professionally present yourself in person, through social media, and during video interviews.

The mission of the Career Center is to provide you with accessible, student-focused online programs beyond the classroom. We have an incredible lineup of resources and a team of people eager to help you on an individual basis. By employing every available resource, you can keep yourself ahead of the game.

Our recently launched resource, CareerLink, showcases carefully curated jobs from vetted employers looking for AMU and APU students and alumni.

How Is CareerLink Different from Traditional Job Boards?

The most critical variable of your job search strategy is the way in which you apply to jobs. Consider which platforms you use to apply for positions, because your platform choice could make or break your job search. Online job boards like Indeed and CareerBuilder can help you seek and apply for positions with ease, but job boards like these sites, which encompass all industries, are bottomless pits.

It’s time to go beyond Indeed and CareerBuilder and find jobs in ways that bring you closer to the recruiter. Start with Career Link, a job board we developed that was expressly designed with you — our students and alumni — in mind. CareerLink is tailored to you — regardless of your program, your industry or even your graduation date.

CareerLink is bursting with employers who are actively seeking the incredible skills and experiences you possess and brings you closer to the recruiter. If you’re seeking a job board that has jobs relative to your academic studies and puts you one step closer to the recruiter, then CareerLink is your answer.

How Does CareerLink Work?

CareerLink is a modern platform with a user-friendly, intuitive design that will provide an experience that helps you relieve the stress of finding work. There are thousands of searchable positions available nationwide, ranging from entry-level to highly specialized.

This system is directly accessible from your AMU or APU ecampus. When you check out a job in CareerLink, its software will automatically begin to build your profile for you.

With just a few pieces of additional information and a resume, recruiters with which our team has worked to build relationships can find your profile. These recruiters — the same ones you may meet at an APUS virtual event — can search the system based on any single piece or combination of information in your profile. That information includes your preferred location, degree program, certifications and security clearances.

With a fully developed profile, employers can more easily identify you for their positions and directly download and review your resume. And if you are applying for both private-sector and federal positions, you can keep up to three resumes in your profile, so applying from your phone is a cinch!

Three Tips for Using Our Job Board in Your Job Search

As you use CareerLink, we recommend the following practices:

  1. Save your search criteria, and check in weekly to view new job positions.
  2. Always look at the “Other” category. Positions that fit multiple categories may end up there and could be the perfect position for you.
  3. The #1 resume position in your profile should be your best product, as this is what employers will see as they search for candidates.

If you need help polishing your resume, you can work one-on-one with a career coach to create a top-notch resume before saving it to your profile.

Networking Beyond CareerLink

For a strategic and comprehensive job search strategy, use multiple networking tools. Applying for a job entails more than submitting a resume; it entails research, engagement and dedication. Here are some ways to gain a successful head start.

  • Actively seek advertisements that Career Services creates for career fairs and other networking events. The recruiters participating in these events are the same ones posting jobs, and they are highly motivated to hire from AMU and APU.
  • If you are focused on a particular company, follow them on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Recruiting teams for large organizations tend to be active on these platforms, giving you a glimpse into company values, culture and current initiatives. That information is a valuable starting point when you’re initiating conversations with recruiters.
  • When you’re interacting with recruiters, be considerate and ask for advice. Be aware that your written communication skills will affect their impression of you as a professional.
  • When you’re participating in email communication, instant messages or even talking over the phone, one-word responses will not demonstrate the depth at which you are capable of thinking. Similarly, 300-word responses will not demonstrate your ability to succinctly convey your thoughts. If you need a place to practice, start with writing responses to posts on LinkedIn and observe how a well-thought-out response really changes the way others engage with you.

Are you interested in getting started with CareerLink? Visit your ecampus and search under Career Services. Once you’re in CareerLink, you can explore thousands of available positions right away.

And remember: you don’t have to navigate this process alone. Our Career Services team is here to assist you with resume and social media reviews, interview preparation, and other services useful in the job search. Contact us today to get started.

About the Author

Christine Muncy is the Associate Vice President of Career Services at APUS. Throughout her career, she has focused on developing new programs and innovative services that benefit student development, typically focusing on the adult learner. Christine holds two certifications in the area of career development, Global Career Development Facilitator and Certified Career Services Professional. She has also been published on multiple blogs, designs and facilitates comprehensive team builders for corporations, and has presented at various conferences. You can connect with Christine on LinkedIn.