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The year 2016 was a landmark year for American Public University. We inaugurated our new president, Dr. Karan Powell, and opened up both a veterans’ center and university archives. In addition, we offered new certificate and degree programs to meet our students’ career needs, were inspired by the success stories of our graduating students and celebrated with them at commencement. Here are the top 10 most viewed stories of 2016, as shared through our weekly university newsletter, The Insider.

1. Stay Competitive In Your Field

Cybersecurity is an industry rapidly expanding with job opportunities. But what are the certifications you’ll need for entry-level and advanced cybersecurity careers?

2. Veteran Suicides: The Real Story Behind the Numbers

Conventional wisdom says that 22 military veterans commit suicide every day. However, this number is based on outdated information and perpetuates a misleading stereotype about military veterans, especially young, post 9/11 veterans.

3. Do You Need Additional Training for Your Next Career?

A virtual internship offers you the opportunity to gain valuable experience through hands-on learning, industry exposure and networking opportunities. You can learn remotely, without the need to be physically present in a work environment.

4. See Who Won the People’s Choice

The Three-Minute Thesis Competition featured some of the university’s brightest graduate students. Each student in this contest condensed a master’s degree capstone thesis, creative project or practicum into a three-minute presentation, using only one slide.

5. Introducing a New Journal on Global Security Issues

The In Homeland Security blog brings you current news and expert analysis on topics such as cybersecurity, global security, intelligence and terrorism. In February 2016, IHS formed a partnership with Global Security and Intelligence Studies (GSIS), featuring cutting-edge scholarly articles from this open-access publication.

6. You Don’t Have to Run in Rio to Medal

To reflect the spirit of the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil, our athletic students and faculty members competed in their local community races to win university prizes.

7. Connecting Students with Industry Experts All Year

Our virtual career fairs give current students and alumni the opportunity to meet and make meaningful connections with company recruiters in real time. Many of these fairs feature specific industries and offer additional benefits such as access to the university’s job board, prep clinics and career coaching.

8. Get to Know Our 2016 Alumni Award Winners

At Commencement 2016, we honored some of our most distinguished alumni with special university awards for their hard work, service and community spirit: the Alumni Education Award, the University Service Award, the Alumni Community Service Award and the Distinguished Graduate Award.

9. Show Us Your #APUSummer Classroom for a Chance to Win

Where our students study is as diverse as they are! For this contest, students submitted images of where they preferred to study, including their backyards, living rooms, beaches, parks, restaurants, libraries, sunrooms, rivers and lakes.

10. Nominations Open for James P. Etter Creativity and Innovation Award

This award recognizes an outstanding member of the university community for innovative and dedicated work that inspires others. Nominations are open until February 2017 (more details will come later).

If you’re thinking about continuing your education and increasing your professional expertise, American Public University offers over 200 degree and certificate programs for a variety of career needs. Our 100% online classes start monthly and can be easily adapted to your schedule.

By Susan Hoffman
Online Career Tips Contributor

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Online Career Tips Contributor

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