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Benefits of Connecting with Your University on Social Media

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By Madeline Roberts
Online Learning Tips Contributor

Thanks to social media, interaction with your fellow students and professors is no longer limited to the classroom and neither is your interaction with the school itself. Connecting with your university on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram is just one way to stay up-to-date, share ideas, and get advice. These are just a few of the benefits from following your school on social media.

Community & Collaboration

Students at American Public University are unique in that they study and earn their degrees in an entirely online format. This means they can’t meet up for lunch in a student union building or study side-by-side in a library, but there are plenty of other ways for them to connect virtually. With more than 26,000 connections, APU’s Facebook page is a treasure trove for students looking for advice on which course to take next, how to handle a research paper topic, and what to do if their motivation starts to wane.

A lot of APU students are earning their degree to advance in their current career. On LinkedIn, students and alumni can network with each other, share interview and job searching tips, and exchange experiences with certain courses and programs. Our student organizations also have dedicated groups for connecting members and sharing resources.

News & Events

Did you know that roughly half of social media users get their news from sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube? When you follow your university, you gain instant access to the latest press releases and event updates. APU students can follow the Public Relations team on Twitter and Facebook for the most important news about the university, faculty members, and students. Social media lets you see photos, sometimes entire albums, of behind-the-scenes activities, conferences, in-person career fairs, student organization meetings, and more. Now you can see what a community event is like by searching the hashtag #APUSevents. These sites also let you change your notification preferences so you can be alerted every time the university posts something new.

Student & Alumni Success

At APU, we love sharing student and alumni successes. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, our followers will find pictures and stories about job promotions, honors and awards, published articles, and speaking engagements. We think it’s important to show what a degree from APU has allowed our alumni to accomplish so you feel confident in the quality of your education and proud of your peers at the same time. With more than 100,00 students and alumni worldwide, there’s always someone to showcase.

What are you waiting for? Connect with American Public University, share your experience, ask for advice, and have fun getting to know our diverse student body.

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