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Blending Education Into Your Busy Life: Are You Ready?

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If you’re in the middle of your career, and life, how do you know if going back to school is the best decision for you? Before starting an online degree program, take a moment to assess your situation. Ask yourself:

  • What skills do I need; in the workforce, and in life?
  • Am I interested in learning something new that can support my workplace?
  • What courses are available that can address these needs or possibilities?
  • Do I have the time to dedicate to school work?

Outlining exactly what you’d like to achieve during your online learning experience, monitoring progress towards achieving it, and evaluating the outcome can help you remain in perspective and on track. If you are employed make sure to talk to your manager about education benefits. While you are not getting paid to go back to school, it is like a second job. Make them aware of the commitment your setting for yourself, and whether it opens the door to new possibilities in the company.

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By J. Mason

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