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Branding Yourself as a Solopreneur

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Interview with Dr. Dani Babb
Faculty member, Marketing & Economics at American Public University

What is branding? It is the process a company or business undergoes to create a specific image or perception in the mind of a customer to grow and differentiate their business. If you are expanding into independent consulting or contracting work you’ll need a baseline to start with for building your brand. How can you create that unique presence as an independent consultant, or solopreneur? Do not wait for the customer to come to you. There is steady growth in the amount of solopreneur’s currently in business, and to be able to compete you need to distinguish yourself from the pack. This podcast, with branding and solopreneur expert Dr. Dani Babb, goes through the branding process and the necessary steps involved to be successful in this line of work.

Dr. Dani Babb is President of The Babb Group, an Educational Consulting Company in California. She is an author and television commentator, remarking on the markets. Dani is an Economics Professor at American Public University and the author of the book The Adult Student. You can follow her on twitter @danibabb, or at www.thebabbgroup.com.

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