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Career Coaching and Its Impact on a University Student

By Taylor Sparber
Career Coach

To aid our students and alumni, the University’s Department of Career Services supports students through free services, including industry-specific, one-to-one career coaching and group coaching. Other services include:

  • Resume and cover letter reviews
  • Social media reviews
  • Live webinars
  • Virtual Career Fairs (VCFs)
  • The university job board, CareerLink

Our career coaches aim to offer support to students and alumni for the industry field they choose. Our coaches utilize various resources to help students as they pursue different job opportunities.

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How Career Coaching Helped Student Daniel Evans

Daniel Evans

One of our current students, Daniel Evans, is a great example of our career coaching service. Daniel is a space studies master’s student who has had an interest in astronomy since he was five years old.

Daniel says, “My love for astronomy started with my grandfather’s interest in science fiction and my mother’s interest in stargazing.” As a child, Daniel frequently tried to catch a glimpse of a meteor shower or another special stellar or lunar event.

Though Daniel has a passion for astronomy, he also has an appreciation for the arts. Daniel began his career in the theatre as a writer, producer and actor.

Later, Daniel worked as a production assistant for entertainment companies like Netflix and Nickelodeon. However, he still felt unfulfilled.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, Daniel was looking for a major life change. As Daniel read his childhood journal where he had written about his professional aspirations in fine arts and astronomy, he was inspired to make a career change.

Daniel asked himself, “If I could go back to school for anything, what would it be? What would make me excited? What would challenge me to step outside my comfort zone and face my educational fears?”

Through the aid of his childhood self, Daniel realized that space was where he belonged. He decided to enroll in the University’s space studies program to support his educational aspirations.

Pursuing the Change from Fine Arts to Space

After beginning to take courses for the master of space studies in 2022, Daniel scheduled his first career coaching appointment to begin planning his next move. Career Services assisted him with creating clear, actionable steps to change fields, provided information on how to research job market trends and helped him tailor his resume.

Daniel explains, “I’m someone who thrives when I’m given specific instructions, but I can also get creative when I’m solving a problem.” After working with a Career Coach, Daniel applied the information he learned to pursue a position that would not only align with his professional goals but would also use his skills and experience. Eventually, Daniel accepted a job as a Communicator at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

In regard to his career coaching experience, Daniel says he felt support not only from the Career Services team, but also from the University in general. Daniel says, “When I’ve needed help or I’ve been uncertain about certain career decisions or educational pathways, the faculty and staff have been immensely supportive, patient, and willing to offer guidance and solutions.”

Contact Career Services for Help

The Department of Career Services is here to support students and alumni at any stage of their professional journey. The job search does not have to be daunting with the right kind of support and determination. We strive to see our students and alumni become adept at the job search and landing an opportunity in line with their professional goals.

To learn more about Career Services, log into your ecampus and find the Career Services link. Be sure to connect with us and learn about the services you feel will best support you in your professional journey.

Taylor Sparber currently works in the Career Services Department as a Career Coach for STEM students, where she strives to build strong relationships with both current students and alumni. Taylor enjoys supporting students and alumni by teaching them job search strategies and helping them find value in their skills and experiences.

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