By Tiffany Young
Online Career Tips Contributor

Getting ahead professionally takes more than just knowing how to do the job or having advanced degrees. The advancement of your career is solely your responsibility and shouldn’t just be a focus when searching for a new job. For help, try turning to professional organization for your career needs.

There is benefit to joining a professional organization– it’s an investment that can be one of the biggest career moves you’ll ever make.

By Ronald C. Johnson, Ph.D.
Faculty Member Management at American Public University

The role of the Constitution of the United States parallels closely the genesis of the Armed Forces. General George Washington, who went on to become our nation’s first President, was a proponent of a life of military service; he and the other founders ensured the Constitution reflected the principles of military service.

MBA graduate Wes O’Donnell used his degree to follow his dreams and launch several businesses and passion projects. Watch this inspirational video to earn more about his success as a serial entrepreneur as he shares his inspirational story of life after business school.

By Rhonda S. Ellis, DBA
Faculty Member, School of Business, at American Public University

Over the last several years, corporate, nonprofit and other industries have begun to experience a transformational shift in culture expectations and attitudes across the generational spectrum of their workforce. There is increasing demand for workplaces that equally value and focus on people, planet and profits and for leaders who understand that everything is connected.