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Whether you are looking to find a copy of the Suze Ormon’s 9 Steps to Financial Freedom or The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, if a reading disability or handicap has prevented you from visiting your local library or bookstore, that is all changing. The Internet Archive ( is scanning and making available at no cost, over 1000 books per day, in a wide variety of subject areas.

Each summer kids across the country ditch the classroom for a summer-long recess. I remember spending most of my summers at camp in Maine, about as far away from the classroom as possible. But it was also a different time. We didn’t have laptops, the Internet or mobile phones.

A decade and a half ago, while I was studying at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, I noticed that the school was slowing adding more and more computers to its libraries – and slowly encroaching on the stacks. Fast forward 15 years and the erosion of book shelves in favor of more computers is commonplace across colleges and libraries alike.

Here at uptime is everything. And, I’m not just referring to our site, but the many others we rely upon daily – each moment – for our research and as a result of some of the staff members being students at online schools like American Public University.