Interview with APU Alumna, Heather Groen

If you’re not able to participate in an Earth Day event, then there are many ways you can help contribute working towards our 2020 goal. For example, you could grow your own produce, invest in hydroponic gardening or aquaponics, or just simply plant trees in your own yard for shade canopy and food and shelter for wildlife and birds. Every effort counts. If you do nothing, then you are not improving; you are diminishing.

By Yvonne Rodriguez
Alumna at American Public University

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that environmental scientists and specialists have a positive outlook in job growth, 15% faster than other occupations. While I was studying for my Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies, I was exposed to variety of career paths from wildlife biologist, forest rangers to environmental law and policy. Career paths were so broad, I needed help narrowing my search.

After recognizing additional skills and areas where I’ve exceled in such as writing, research and assessments, environmental due diligence became an attractive career option. Environmental due diligence helps avoid environmental risks of contamination in real estate which can impair cash flow, decline value of collateral, and cause foreclosure.