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Checklist: 5 Steps to Start Your Degree at APU

As the economy gradually opens up coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are reevaluating their qualifications and how they best align with workforce trends. Known as upskilling—the current trend of mastering skills that map to growth industries—employers and employees alike are looking to harness the power of education.

Many professionals are turning to the flexibility and affordability of quality online education so that they can access career-relevant education that doesn’t disrupt their existing and busy schedules. If this sounds like you, here are five steps to starting your degree online at APU.

1. Apply Now for No Cost

At APU, we don’t believe applying for college should come with extra barriers or cost. In fact, our intuitive application process is designed to help you complete your application in about 10 to 15 minutes. You can apply directly online and there are no fees, and no entrance exam is required.

2. Choose Your Program

With well over 200 academic programs available, APU is well known for providing education for nearly every industry and sector—whether it’s inside the government or in private industry. Whether you’re starting out or ready to earn your master’s or doctorate, the university offers undergraduate and master’s-level certificates and degree programs. A global studies and intelligence doctoral program is also available.

While that’s a lot of programs to choose from, the university provides a helpful degree finder that will help you dial in a few choices. If you’re undecided, don’t worry—our helpful advisors are happy to talk with you and collaborating the right option that fits your long-term goals.

3. Complete Your Admissions Requirements

Once you’ve submitted your application, one of APU’s helpful admissions team representatives will work with you to complete any follow-up steps. This follow-up may include verifying your transcripts from previous colleges and any other details. Your admissions representative will always be available to ensure you stay on track to take the next step to enrolling.  

4. Fund Your Education

Whether you’re self-paying, utilizing financial aid or a blend of both, there are many options from which to choose. APU is dedicated to keeping tuition and fees affordable. Additionally, our representatives will work you to explore all of your options for Federal Student Aid (FSA), scholarships and loans, employer benefits, military tuition assistance, veteran benefits, and more.

5. Maximize Your Transfer Credits

You may be closer to earning your degree or certificate than you think—thanks to APU’s friendly transfer credit program. The net result is that you may be able to complete your degree sooner and for less cost if you maximize all of your previously earned credits, whether they’re earned at another institution of higher learning or for military or nonmilitary job experience. You may even qualify for credits based on your current career.

To get started, be sure to you connect with your admissions representative and discuss all of your previous learning and professional experience. Did you know the majority of our students transfer in some form of previously earned credits? That’s because APU is “transfer friendly”—we offer a free preliminary transfer credit review (within two to three business days) so you can generally estimate where you stand before you start. The university also offers a transfer credit evaluation (TCE) program once you’re admitted.

Once admitted, you should consider requesting a no-cost transfer credit evaluation if you have:

  • Academic credits from other colleges or universities
  • Credits through examinations, professional training, or certifications that have been evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE)
  • Military service and training, even if you have never taken previous college courses

Once you’ve taken these steps and are admitted, don’t forget to enroll in your classes so that you can quickly experience the quality and flexibility that online education at APU provides. Classes start monthly, so you won’t have to wait long to take one step closer to completing your degree.

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