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Courses for Transfer: Is This the Ideal Program for You?

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By Ginny Hallock
Academic Advisor, APUS

Courses for Transfer (CFT) is a non-degree program that is offered at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. When you take courses within the CFT program, they apply toward a future undergraduate or graduate degree at the same degree level.

Who Benefits from Courses for Transfer?

Various students can benefit from the CFT program. These students include:

  • Students taking classes at another school: If you are pursuing your degree at another university, you may enroll in CFT to take some courses for transfer credit to the degree you’re working toward elsewhere. Please note: while APUS is regionally accredited, always check with your home school to determine the transferability and acceptability of your CFT courses.
  • Undecided students: If you’re undecided about which academic program you want to pursue, enroll in CFT and select some courses that interest you before you lock yourself into a degree plan. However, be sure to check your funding before enrolling in the CFT program.
  • Students fulfilling preadmission requirements: If you need to fulfill eligibility requirements for another program, CFT may be ideal for you. For example, certain master’s degrees have specific preadmission requirements in addition to a conferred bachelor’s degree. You could enroll in undergraduate CFT to take the courses you need to meet the master of arts degree preadmission requirements.

How Does Courses for Transfer Work?

Students enrolled in Graduate Courses for Transfer (GCFT) are required to submit an official transcript of their bachelor’s degree within eight weeks of enrolling. Also, graduate students enrolled in GCFT cannot take undergraduate courses. Similarly, undergraduate students in the CFT program cannot take graduate courses.

Unlike degree programs, you will not have a transfer credit evaluation or any posted transfer credits when you’re enrolled in CFT. There will not be an actual degree plan or student agreement to follow.

If you need to register for a course that has a prerequisite which you have fulfilled at another accredited academic institution, you can request a prerequisite self-certification form. This is unique to the CFT program. To identify the course you wish to register for, you’ll use this form and self-certify that you have met the prerequisite at another university.

In addition, you can appeal to retake a course for a higher grade. Normally, degree-seeking students are only permitted to retake courses they failed. However, in the CFT program, you may appeal to retake a course that may not have met transfer policy at your previous school.

What Type of Financial Aid Is Available for CFT?

With certain, limited exceptions, the Courses for Transfer program is generally not covered by financial aid. That includes Federal Student Aid (FSA), Army tuition assistance or U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits (if AMU is your home school).

Enrolling In or Out of Courses for Transfer

To enroll in (or out of) Courses for Transfer, you need to submit the Degree Change Form. You can find this form by going to the “ACADEMIC PLAN & FORMS” at the top of your ecampus. Look underneath  “UNIVERSITY FORMS” and click on “Degree Change Form.” Instructions in the ecampus will guide you in filling out the form. You will need to select the “Non-Degree Seeking” option for Courses for Transfer.

If you are an alumnus, access the “Enroll in a New Program” link via the “ALUMNI SERVICES” drop-down menu. This link will be under “READY TO RETURN TO AMU” or “READY TO RETURN TO APU.”

Contact Your Academic Advisors if You Have Further Questions

Our academic advisors are here to answer any questions you may have and provide any assistance you need. Please email counseling@apus.edu or call 877-755-2787. We will be happy to assist you.

About the Author

Ginny is a Northern Virginia native and holds a B.S. in education from George Mason University. She has served as an academic advisor at APUS for over eight years. Outside of her career, she enjoys spending time with her three children and granddaughter, playing adult soccer, volunteering with Serve Our Willing Warriors and interpreting for the deaf at her local church.

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