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Create an Infographic to Help You Study

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The new wave of cheat sheets for class is this…infographics. For the visually inclined it’s an entertaining way of reviewing your notes, and then you can modify it when it comes time for your exam.

If your major involves a lot of statistics and charts, then make a chart. You can also compare and contrast in these types of charts, or find ways to group unlike items for use in a discussion post. For those studying history, you’ll find a lot of value using Infogr.am. For all the dates you have to memorize, war regions, battle names, an infographic can neatly organize the information in a pattern that works better with your way of reading and studying. It’s also shareable content, so you can have it on your mobile device, home computer, and printed out and pasted on your office wall at home.

Personalize your learning experience by repackaging the content you’re struggling to remember, or comprehend. They’re great visual reminders, and the exercise of inputting the information is great for retention as well.

By J. Mason
Online Career Tips Editor

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