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Earning a Master’s Degree Online is a Smart Choice

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In the hustle and bustle of today’s society, many working adults don’t have much time to catch their breath, let alone think about going back to school. The traditional model of advanced education would seem daunting — finding the time to get to class and study while balancing family obligations. And don’t even mention the cost!

Well times certainly have changed. And in this economy, we have no choice but to think differently. If the job market looks unstable, maybe it’s time to think about getting another degree in your field of interest. The College Board’s “Education Pays 2007” report shows that over a working life, the typical full-time, year-round employee with a four-year college degree earns more than 60 percent more than someone with only a high school diploma. Those with master’s degrees earn almost twice as much per year. So, how can you find a school that’s right for you and be able to afford it? What about earning your Master’s degree online?

Bill McGann is studying for a master’s degree in Emergency and Disaster Management online from American Public University (APU). People questioned McGann’s decision to earn a master’s degree. He had more than 25 years in the field — and served six years in the Marine Corps.

“The fact is, in many careers, continuing education is a necessity,” said McGann. His work in the fire and rescue community demands constant training and education. “These fields are constantly changing, and the importance of staying in the classroom cannot be overemphasized.”

Because of his busy schedule, earning his degree online made perfect sense. It was affordable and convenient and fit into his busy lifestyle. He was even able to continue coursework while helping with California wildfire rescue efforts — a mission that took him away from home for weeks.

He also researched the school’s accreditation. APU is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission’s North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The HLC also accredits traditional universities. That accreditation made him feel more comfortable in his choice of an online university.

McGann is nearly finished with his degree and knows that studying online allowed him to continue his demanding job and work on another degree to advance his career.

By Online Learning Tips Staff

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