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Examining entry-level government jobs

So you’re looking to get a job in public service, but you’re uncertain as to how to get your foot in the door. Like in the private sector, one of the best ways to break into the federal sector is through entry-level positions. You might be thinking, “This is true; however, which federal entry-level positions are most readily available?” GovCentral, forever taking the guesswork out of applying for federal jobs, has an answer!

After “look[ing] at the salaries, hiring trends, and projected growth rates of over 50 government-related careers,” GovCentral, in their appropriately named article The Best Entry Level Government Jobs, has in their words, “assembled a guide to some of the best government careers at the entry level.” So which entry levels should you apply for?

According to GovCentral, the government is looking for: Accountants; Business Operations Specialists; Police and Sheriffs Patrol Officers; Fire Fighters; Executive Secretaries and Administrative Assistants; Civil Engineers; Airline Pilots, Copilots, and Flight Engineers; Computer Systems Analysts; Construction Managers, and Social Workers.

So as you find yourself perusing the thousands of vacancy announcements on USAJobs.gov, keep in mind GovCentral’s recommendations!

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