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Getting Mixed Signals? Go With Your Gut

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By J. Thompson
Online Career Tips Staff

Getting mixed signals from friends, family, or coworkers about choosing the right degree program or career path? Often we at Online Career Tips advise readers to seek guidance from people they trust. Then again, conflicting advice can make you feel like a Green Bay Packer at the end of regulation on Monday Night Football (Sept. 24th). Confused, right?

It’s an interception! No, it’s a touchdown! Let’s go to instant replay—

Tidbit of info: According to the Nielson Ratings, more than 16.167 million viewers watched the unraveling snafu that will go down in history as the Replacement Ref Robbery of 2012. Who doesn’t like alliteration? The ensuring firestorm sent Facebook-a-Twitter. And even in an election year when social unrest is breaking out over austerity measures in Europe, riots continue in the Middle East and international security is being debated at the United Nations—the number one most riveting issue is whether or not a Packer or a Seahawk had possession of a football. Even President Obama tweeted, “NFL fans on both sides of the aisle hope the refs’ lockout is settled soon.”

Well good news. The NFL and the NFL Referees Association magically worked out their differences and the greatest sporting brand is back on track. As much as it might be assumed that there were some pride-swallowing concessions on the part of Commissioner Goodell, the reality is that the replacement stalemate actually pulled in more outside viewers who wanted to watch the referee debacle unfold. Ratings surged—people like a good drama.

While drama is good for TV ratings, let’s face it, the last thing a prospective student needs is anything but. Therefore, when you decide to seek advice from others, you need to ask yourself: how much do I really trust what they’re telling me? And be prepared. While a mentor says you should get an accounting degree, a relative may advise you to get an information technology degree, while a friend says logistics is a growth industry.

To avoid getting pulled into that quagmire, it’s important that you really consider the source. It’s your life. To use the NFL referee allusion—would you rather take advice from a seasoned professional or someone called up from Pop Warner?

In the end, if you’re getting mixed signals, just remember.

It’s your call.


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