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Got Loans? Get to Know Your Loan Servicer!

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If you have received loans from the Department of Education to cover the cost of your tuition and other expenses, now is a great time to begin managing this financial responsibility. There is a lot that goes into managing loans, so the earlier you start communicating with your loan servicer the better (and you’ll have fewer headaches)! This way you’ll stay knowledgeable on what you owe and be able to work towards paying it off more effectively.

To get started:

  1. Go to and log in to your Financial Aid Review.
  2. Take note of your total for all loans, as well as your total interest.
  3. Click the blue number next to the first loan listed. This will take you to your “Loan Details.” Take note of your loan’s servicer. (If you have previous loans or multiple records, click “Next” to review ALL of your loans. They may not all have the same servicer. View the “Loan Details” for every loan.)
  4. Under the name of your servicer, their contact information is listed. Find the servicer’s web address, go to their website and create an online account. Establishing a relationship with your loan servicer early will help you in managing your loan debt. Reach out to your servicer to update your contact information or make payments while you’re in school.

If you’re looking for more information on financial aid contact your financial aid team at your university. For students of American Public University, our Financial Aid Team can also help answer any questions you may have! Email them at

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By Alisa Berry
Online Learning Tips Staff

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