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While this may not be the greeting everytime you reach out your school, it doesn’t mean the person you’re speaking with won’t help you in anyway possible. Each department has their own standards they have to follow to keep things running smoothly. Just like at any job, there are snags along the way. If you’re looking for answer, it may take longer than you’d like to hear back, but there’s no need to give up! Here might be some solutions and reasons behind why it takes a little longer to hear from different departments.

Student Advising: If you went to a brick and mortar school in the past this was the group you went to for guidance. They helped you from point A to point B if you let them. Online you can have the same relationship, but by phone or through email. Make sure you reach out to your advisor through phone, if you can, then email next. Since they are there for guidance it’s easiest to share over the phone in real-time the help you’re looking to get, instead of sended multiple emails. If you’re still having trouble getting through try emailing the next step up.

Financial Aid:


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