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Inspiring Self-Improvement through Technology Education

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By Dr. Novadean Watson-Stone
Program Director, Computer Technology, American Public University

Did you know you were designed to inspire and serve as a model for others? “The Leadership Challenge,” a book by James Kouzes and Barry Posner, contends that individuals “model the way” for others by setting positive examples and behaving in ways indicative of their values.

Start a degree in computer technology at American Public University.

Individuals have more power and influence than most people realize. But it’s important to use your influence to help those around you and to encourage others to always look for ways to improve. We can all find ways to improve our bodies, minds, hearts and spirits—also known as the “whole person concept.”

Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and one of the wealthiest men in the world of technology, was inspired by Warren Buffett’s investment knowledge and wisdom and Bob Iger’s use of technology and innovation to give Walt Disney a competitive edge. Mark Zuckerberg considers Bill Gates an inspiring figure who influenced him to succeed as an entrepreneur in technology—and succeed he did. Computer programmer, Grace Hopper, central to the development of the legacy COBOL programming language compiler, has inspired many young women to pursue an interest in technology.

Philosopher Dr. Mortimer J. Adler gave credence to the whole person concept. Dr. Adler conveyed the need to capitalize on the full purpose of life by participating in meaningful relationships, practicing healthy living, seeking intellectual stimulation, making productive and lasting contributions at work or personally, and giving back to the community.

We can all elect to follow Dr. Adler’s guidance by inspiring and encouraging others to make improvements in their life with the choices they make. One way to inspire self-improvement is to encourage others to continue their education.

Clearly, pursuing a degree or making advances in education is an excellent way to seek intellectual stimulation and build confidence. Keeping the mind engaged and expanded via learning will help bridge knowledge and skill gaps, transform behaviors, and spark ideas. With an education, an individual can become self-assured and more capable of making effective decisions on the job or at home. Basically, the whole person concept offered by Dr. Adler becomes more attainable with an attitude of learning and applying what is learned for a better self, family, organization and community.

Improving Your Technology Skills through Education

There are many degree programs available at American Public University for those interested in advancing their education and building their technology skills. One such academic program is the bachelor of science in computer technology.

For instance, this type of degree provides the hands-on knowledge and skills needed to design, develop, implement, and support computer systems organization, software and web technologies, cloud and database systems, computer communications and networks, and information security and assurance.

This degree offers a variety of timely concentrations aligned with a mix of technical skills needed in the technology, military and public service communities. The program addresses the need for individuals who work at the operational level in computer and information technology industries and occupations. That includes computer support specialists (CSS), computer network support specialists, database and system administrators, help-desk technicians, IT support and technical support specialists.

There is also an associate degree in computer technology. This degree helps you to acquire fundamental skills and to prepare for common industry certifications such as Security+ and A+.

This associate degree serves as a feeder to other academic programs. For instance, some students go on to earn a bachelor’s degree in computer technology, information technology and information technology management at the university.

Self-Improvement through Education Inspires Others to Act

Remember, a true leader who is designed to inspire will “Enable others to act [by] fostering collaboration…promoting cooperative goals and building trust [and] strengthen people’s ability by delegating power, developing their competence and offering visible support.” As American inventor and business leader Charles F. Kettering once said: “There exist limitless opportunities in every industry. Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier.”

About the Author

Dr. Watson-Stone is currently the Program Director for the undergraduate programs in Information Technology Management and Computer Technology at American Public University; she serves an aggressively growing department. She has over 20 years of experience in the information technology field.

Recently, Dr. Watson-Stone presented webinars on Negotiation and Entrepreneurship (Oct 29-30, 2019) for the CompTIA Association of Information Technology Professionals. Previously, she published several blog articles on topics such as collective intelligence and soft skills. She further co-published several other articles to include “RFID with Real Implications,” “Artificial Intelligence in Information Security” and the “Evolution of Information Security.”

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