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Making dreams a reality

The concept of self-determination might be seen as something engrained in the American psyche—the idea that if you work hard enough, and are determined and passionate about your goals, you can make your dreams a reality.  It’s the American Dream.  Without launching into a complex politically divisive discussion examining how socio-economic status might not only impact the scope of one’s dreams but also one’s ability to actualize those dreams, at a commonsense level, there is some truth to the idea that given the right amount a moxie, someone can do just about anything.  With regard to accomplishing your professional goals, like accomplishing life goals, it is important that you have a clear vision of that which you would like to accomplish.

A recent Washington Post article from a recent Sunday edition of the Post, titled To get to the top, don’t look down on the bottom rung, discusses the importance of recognizing opportunity and the process by which one can accomplish professional goals.  Vickie Elmer, the author of the article, makes the observation that many pioneers of the business world started out in more humbling positions, working as “clerks” or “members of cleaning crews.”  These pioneers did not progress as a result of their pedigree, rather, they demonstrated their ability to perform and excel in any position.  By taking on additional responsibilities, and doing their job well, employees advance, moving up the corporate ladder.  As Shawn Boyer of Snag-A-Job reported, “At McDonald’s, half the corporate employees started as hourly people, 70 percent of their managers came from the crew.”

Through one’s ability to recognize opportunity where opportunity exists, and develop a plan, professional dreams can come true.  It’s often just a matter of having the will and the vision.

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