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Pave Your Career Path: Excel during Your First Management Interview, Episode 12

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Podcast by APUS Advising Team Manager, Charissa Skinner, MA and Leia O’Connell, MSW, GCDF

As you move through your career path, you may find yourself with the opportunity to interview for a management role. Are you ready?

Charissa Skinner, Graduate Advising Team Manager for APUS, speaks candidly about how you can present yourself as an authentic candidate among the competition. Consider your level of comfort sharing both accomplishments and challenges you’ve had as a professional.

Can you think of a time when you bounced back after a project became derailed? Learn the value of sharing your mistakes, why every relationship matters and resources for practicing your interview skills.

About the Speaker

Charissa Skinner is the Graduate Advising Team Manager at American Public University System. She has a bachelor’s in English from Shepherd University, a master’s in English from the University of Virginia, and a Graduate Certificate in Academic Advising from Kansas State University. She has worked at the University for over 10 years, serving as an academic advisor, trainer and manager.

Leia O’Connell has worked for the university since 2012 and is currently a Corporate Recruiter. She has been an Academic Advisor for the School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, a Graduate Academic Advisor, and a Career Coach. Leia holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Hartwick College and a master’s degree in social work from Binghamton University.

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