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Research Study on COVID-19 and Health

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Note: The following article is a letter from Dr. Samer Koutoubi, Program Director, Public Health, American Public University System.

Dear colleagues and friends,

We hope you’re staying safe and healthy in these challenging times.

My colleagues and I are conducting a survey-based study to understand how COVID-19 affects people’s moods and lifestyles. The study title is “COVID-19 and health study.” This project is led by Dr. Samer Koutoubi, Principal Investigator at American Public University System (APUS); Dr. Ali Boolani, a researcher at Clarkson University; and Drs. Joel Martin and Nelson Cortes, researchers at George Mason University.

In this survey-based study, we are looking to study the effect of COVID-19 on moods and lifestyle and see what role personality traits play in the changes in moods and lifestyle. We want to measure the mental distress in people and how lifestyle factors may have influenced this distress in people during this time.

Also, we will study the changes in mood and motivation during social isolation. In addition, we will assess the role of physical activity in changes in mood and assess the role of diet in changes in mood.

Our eventual hope is that these data can be used to design interventions to help people all around the world better navigate these challenging times. We also intend to share our findings with policy makers.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. By completing this survey, you will be entered for a chance to compete for a $500 Amazon e-gift card. Please click on the link and share with us how you’re feeling.

Also, feel free to share this study with your family and friends. #COVID19 #coronavirus #mentalhealth #health #workfromhome #sleep #wfh #pandemic #research

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