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Student Profile: A Journey to Career Success

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Interview with APU Alumnus, Jalal Almomar

The following profile is the eleventh in a series of student profiles of our students and alumni at the university.

Job title: Replenishment Manager, Walmart

Degree earned: Master of Business Administration, Concentration in Global Business Management, 2014, American Public University

What led you to choose a master’s degree with APU? Was it based on passion or a specific career goal?

I have a bachelor’s degree in statistics and a graduate degree in data security from Iraq. However, both of these degrees weren’t enough to help me find a job in the United States after I came here in 2009.

I decided to pursue my studies and get a higher academic degree. Academic credentials are highly in demand in today’s job market.

I did research on what would be the best degree for me and not only from the job market’s perspective. The degree needed to be affordable. It had to be done while I worked at Walmart.

After all my research, I figured out that studying at APU for an MBA degree in global business management was a good choice. From what I’ve gained, I can say it was the best choice.

Tell us about your position at Walmart.

I’m a replenishment manager at Walmart’s Home Office — the Sporting Goods department. My responsibilities are at a high level. I ensure that we have the right items at the right stores with the right price and right quantities at the right time.

Did your degree with APU help prepare you for specific challenges you’ve come across in your current position?

Each of our MBA classes required research and discussions. The subject of most of my research was Walmart: I always needed to know more about Walmart.

By the end of my studies, I had accumulated a wide knowledge of Walmart. That helped me in obtaining my current position at the Walmart Home Office. It also helps me every day in accomplishing and managing my job’s responsibilities and tasks.

See more of Jalal’s story in the video below.

What are the biggest challenges in your industry?

The retail industry is the biggest industry in the United States and in the world. Almost all of the other industries depend on retail to sell their products and services.

Walmart is #1 as a Fortune 500 company worldwide. It’s also the biggest store in the retail industry and the world. But there are always challenges in any industry; the biggest challenge in retail is the other competitors.

What are two key pieces of advice you would pass on to someone new to online education?

The most important advice I’d give is to understand your class requirements and needs. Take enough time before the class starts to read the class syllabus carefully. Understand the class and your instructor’s requirements and expectations. Be sure to know what book is required and order it early so it gets to you before the first day in class. Know the most important due dates. Don’t forget to enter your class in the first week and introduce yourself to the class and to your instructor.

What is your favorite thing about online learning?

The most important thing in learning online is the flexibility. You can attend your class any day of the week, at any time you want, from anywhere in the world.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I have many hobbies and interests for my narrow amount of free time. I like sports such as swimming, horseback riding and soccer. I’m also a licensed judge for the International Shooting Sport Federation and volunteer for different organizations.

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