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TalkCampus Provides Free Mental Health Support Services

By Susan Hoffman
Edge Managing Editor

In order to help our students overcome their struggles, the University has partnered with TalkCampus, a peer-to-peer support service specifically designed for college students. TalkCampus provides a discreet space to discuss various issues, such as:

  • Stress and anxiety, regardless of the cause
  • The challenge of balancing schoolwork, family responsibilities and jobs
  • The challenges of life events, such as losing a loved one

TalkCampus is an online peer network where users can connect with other students and offer and/or receive support and advice 24/7. The service is available in several languages, so users can have conversations in whatever language they feel most comfortable using.

How to Access TalkCampus

AMU and APU students interested in using TalkCampus can sign up for an account at the TalkCampus website. The service is also available through a mobile app that can be downloaded for free from either Google Play® or the App Store®.

TalkCampus users are encouraged to give support to each other within the TalkCampus community, with discussions moderated by trained peers and professional counselors. Students can create posts, read posts by other users, and make comments, using an anonymous name or the username of their choice.

Other Mental Health Support Services at the University

In addition to the TalkCampus service, the University offers access to Uwill®. Uwill is a teletherapy service that provides mental health support services to students and University staff via video, phone, chat, or message.

The University Chaplains are available by emailing or by texting 703-357-3990. More information about the Chaplains can be found on YouTube.

If you’re experiencing problems that affect your mental health, please don’t wait. Be sure to reach out to the University’s support services or check out our other mental health resources – let us help you!

Uwill is a registered trademark of Uwill, Inc.

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Susan Hoffman is a Managing Editor at Edge, whose articles have appeared in multiple publications. Susan is known for her expertise in blogging, social media, SEO, and content analytics, and she is also a book reviewer for Military History magazine. She has a B.A. cum laude in English from James Madison University and an undergraduate certificate in electronic commerce from American Public University.

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