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The big ten

While different economic indicators continue to paint contrasting pictures of the healthiness of the U.S. and European economies, leading to a constantly changing image of the global economy—keeping investors on the edge of their seats—there have been some legitimate bright spots to which job seekers should pay particular attention. All things being equal, as the economy begins its slow ascent, and despite still relatively weak jobs data, some larger companies have announced their intention to start hiring. A recent article produced by The Street focuses on these economic growth engines (of sorts). Who are these behemoths of the corporate world? Counting them down (10-1):

10. Google.

Google, whose growth continues to exceed marketplace expectations, according to The Street, “hired  more than 800 people during the first quarter” and “has announced plans to bring on 2,000 employees this year.”

9. JPMorgan Chase.

As the economy has trended up, so has JPMorgan Chase’s earnings—“jump[ing] 57% to $3.3 billion in the first quarter from a year earlier.” The Street reports JPMorgan currently has over 5,000 jobs listed on their Web site.

8. General Electric.

An emblem of American innovation and ingenuity, General Electric (GE), reports The Street, is expecting to increase its Michigan workforce by 1,300 over the next five years and “recently opened a new facility in Wayne County, Michigan.” In addition to this, there are “more than 2,000 jobs on [GE’s] career site” and “GE has also committed to doubling the number of graduates it hires this year.”

7. Boeing.

With a wave of good news coming out, from a boost in production of 737s to the possibility of its NewGen Tanker being “selected as the U.S. Air Force’s next aerial refueling aircraft,” The Street reports that Boeing has hired approximately 150 employees and has a stockpile of over 400 open positions on its career site. If selected, NewGen Tanker production could bring 7,500 jobs to Kansas, and according to MarketWatch, 4,500 jobs with almost 100 companies to California.

6. Intel.

Their first quarter revenue up 44% from last year, The Street notes that Intel is committed to adding more recent graduates to their payroll this year and has an astonishing 700 job vacancies on their Web site.

5. Nationwide Financial Services.

Packing on $396 million in profit in the first quarter, The Street reports Nationwide Financial Services is projecting its workforce will increase by 1,400.

4. General Motors

Emboldened and refreshed after its delicate dance with defeat, General Motors (GM) emerged victoriously from bankruptcy.  According to The Street, GM has “restored or created more than 9,100 jobs in the U.S. and Canada” and “plans to create or retain 1,600 jobs by adding new plants in New York, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan.” Though, one must keep in mind that in light of Europe’s looming economic woes, GM’s European operations still face some potential financial hurdles.

3. Ford

Using various platforms to showcase its cars, from American Idol to the USA series White Color, Ford plans to ratchet up its operations in the U.S. manufacturing hybrid vehicles.  The Street reports, “Ford is shifting some work typically done by suppliers in Mexico to the U.S.” and “plans to spend $135 million to design and produce hybrid electric vehicles,” planning “to hire more than 50 engineers and add 170 more jobs [at] transmission plants in Michigan.”

2. IBM

Technology goliath IBM, according to The Street, is postured “to open a new technology service center in Columbia, Mo…creat[ing] as many as 800 technical jobs.” In addition to this, IBM has nearly 2,000 open positions posted on their job site!

1. Morgan Stanley

Returning to financial health, and posting $1.8 billion in profit in the first quarter of 2010, Morgan Stanley, says The Street, plans to hire 50 additional employees in Charlotte, NC while its “Web site lists more than 1,000 open positions nationwide, as well as almost 1,000 open jobs outside the U.S.”

If you are interested in applying for positions at any of the above, please see the following job sites: Google’s US job site; J.P. Morgan’s career site for its operations in AmericaGeneral Electric’s career site; careers at Boeing; jobs at Intel; Nationwide careers; General Motors’ career site; career opportunities and jobs at Ford; jobs at IBM; careers at Morgan Stanley.

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