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APUS Mobile is Now Available

Whether you’re an American Military University or American Public University student, online learning just got more flexible with APUS Mobile–the newly released app that’s taking on-the-go learning to greater heights. As an innovator of online education, American Public University System’s app lets you seamlessly access your classroom using your iOS (Apple) or Android mobile phone or tablet. Imagine connecting with instructors and peers as you participate in chatroom conversations, view assignments, check grades and more–no matter where you live, work and learn.

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“I can sum the app up in one sentence, you have your classroom and schoolwork in the palm of your hand,” said learner Amy Rager. Fellow student Matt Jordan agrees, “The app adds a level of freedom to online education–now you take your class with you everywhere.”

Get it on Google Play

Download & Use the APUS Mobile App Today

It’s available via your iOS mobile device on Apple’s App Store and Google Play for Android devices—and it’s provided at no cost. It’s easy to find by entering “apusmobile” (no spaces) in the search field of each store. Currently, the app is only available on iOS and Android devices. However, there may be future app versions for Blackberry and Windows mobile devices.

Once you download the app, simply enter your student ID# and password during set up. Your information and student credentials are always secure–APUS encrypts all your personal details. Just remember that to access the online classroom and realize the app’s full capabilities, you must be an actively enrolled student. If you’re not enrolled, maybe it’s time to sign up for your next class so you can experience the benefits of on-the-go learning for yourself.

New Features

You can read announcements, respond to forum posts, view the syllabus, read lesson content, and check grades and assignment directions. The app also includes a consolidated message inbox.

However, you will not be able to submit assignments or take quizzes or tests. Set your preferences (globally or by course tool) to receive mobile email notifications for your most important items like Messages, Announcements, Gradebook and Forums. Subscribe to key topics in Forums and you’ll be notified automatically when there’s a new post.

Never Miss a Beat with Offline Mode

Thanks to our offline mode, you do not need a cellular signal or Wi-Fi connection to use the app. In fact, you can use the app anytime and anywhere. Everything you do on your mobile device will be synchronized to your classroom once you are reconnected to the Internet.

And if you are in the middle of writing a forum post in a class on your mobile device and you lose connectivity, your work is always saved automatically. You can perform classwork on the go, and if you lose connectivity, your posts are saved and time-stamped according to the time you regain connectivity. When you regain connectivity, the app auto-synchronizes and posts your content to the course, and also shows what was posted by your classmates or professor while you were offline.

What’s Next?

With the popularity of the initial rollout, APUS is already exploring new enhancements for future iterations that may include:

  • An enhancement of the app’s user interface for writing and replying to forum posts.
  • Support for enhanced message features including “reply to all,” “read all” and attachment support.
  • The ability to send messages directly from the roster page.
  • A version of the app for use on Amazon Fire tablets.
  • Access to your academic plan and ledger balance.

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