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Tip of the Day: Do Your Homework Before Choosing a School

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Every year, thousands of people are lured into paying costly tuition for counterfeit schools that don’t have any real authority to grant degrees. Before you take the plunge and choose a school, take the time to do some thorough research.

  • Double check with the Department of Education’s database to make sure the school has been upfront about its accreditation.
  • Check out credible, online education message boards and forums. While not the most reliable source of information, they may give you an idea of how people view the school you’re interested in. In your search, if you’re finding little information or only bad things, beware.
  • Find out the word on the street. Ask friend and/or relatives if they have heard of the school. Also, try to find other students who may have taken classes or graduated from the school.

– Online Learning Tips Staff

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