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Top 5 Resources for an Amazon Web Services Interview

By Hannah Brumbaugh
Resource and Student Engagement Coordinator II

and Chelsea Zbikowski
Senior Recruiter and Student Engagement Coordinator

Seeking a job with Amazon Web Services (AWS®) can be daunting. However, the University’s Department of Career Services has prepared five resources to help you prepare for the interview and application process.

Resource #1: Resume Writing Guide

The Resume Writing Guide provides guidance on how to tailor your resume for the job you’re seeking. It looks at different resume styles – such as chronological, functional or combination – and gives insight on how to represent your best professional self.

The document provides high-level reviews of important resume sections. These sections are key in making a good first impression on a hiring manager and hiring team. Use this guide to tailor your resume to an AWS job description, and check out an example of a typical AWS resume.

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Resource #2: Developing Your Elevator Pitch Infographic

Our “Developing Your Elevator Pitch” infographic, which appears in the Success Center of your ecampus, will help you to create a good elevator pitch. Using an elevator pitch during an AWS interview could be incredibly beneficial by allowing you to concisely share your thoughts and experiences without oversharing information. A well-developed elevator pitch will also help you prepare to discuss Amazon’s Leadership Principles more effectively.

Resource #3: STAR Method Infographic

Developing the ability to tell a story that conveys your knowledge, skills and abilities is highly useful in interviews. AWS and many other companies suggest the use of a Situation, Task, Action, Result (STAR) story. To aid you in understanding how to tell a good STAR story, Career Services has created a STAR Method infographic in the ecampus.

Utilizing the information from this infographic to develop STAR stories could assist you in being more concise in interview responses and to formulate cohesive answers. We also suggest that you integrate the Amazon Leadership Principles into your responses to an interviewer’s questions.

Resource #4: Behavioral Questions Story

AWS interviews are behavioral interviews. They include technical and cultural questions that are meant to learn more about your resume, professional experience. and your values. These interview questions typically begin with “Tell me a time when….”

To learn more about behavioral interviews, visit our Behavioral Questions Success Center story for more insight into how to answer behavioral questions and best practices for preparing answers to such questions.

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Resource #5: Amazon Web Services Toolkit

The AWS application and interview process can be overwhelming. With that in mind, Career Services developed an AWS Toolkit to help you navigate the interview process and to understand the Amazon Leadership Principles.

The toolkit also provides practice assessment and technical questions, online trainings and courses, and other relevant resources and links. This toolkit not only helps you prepare for the overall experience of interviewing with AWS, but also gives you insight into what is expected of someone working for a cloud computing organization.

If you are interested in pursuing a job opportunity with Amazon Web Services, using these five resources will help you be more aware of the company’s expectations and processes. For help during the application or interview process, email careerservices@apus.edu.

This toolkit and resources do not guarantee an interview or placement into a role with Amazon Web Services. These resources are informational and intended for educational purposes only.

AWS is a registered trademark of Amazon, Inc.

About the Authors

Hannah Brumbaugh has worked for the University since 2022, serving in the Department of Career Services as a Resource and Student Engagement Coordinator II. Hannah manages career resources and creates classroom modules. She earned her bachelor’s in English education in 2018 from Shepherd University and her M.A. in college student development and administration from Shepherd University in 2020.

Chelsea Zbikowski has worked for the University since 2015, serving in the Financial Aid Office, Student & Alumni Affairs, and Career Services. As a Senior Recruiter & Student Engagement Coordinator for the Career Services Department, Chelsea works with employers to promote their current career opportunities to university students and alumni and manages their virtual events. She received her bachelor’s in business administration from Shepherd University in 2015 and her MBA from American Public University in 2020.

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