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Top 5 Videos to Watch This Week

And why you should watch them

In a virtual age where nearly everything is online, we rely more on websites and video tutorials than guide books and VHS do-it-yourself tapes. Many universities are putting out videos for students offering help in math, science, health, resolving daily life conflicts, and many other topics under the sun. If you’re looking for some great videos to bookmark for future study references, try out this list of great contenders:

  1. For history buffs, and history majors, this video has some great researching methods for finding original civil war documents online. This video lesson is provided by American Public University and Best of History Websites.
  2. Manage your time better as an e-learner. This video provides some feedback and advice on managing your tasks in order to make room for school. Content is provided by Susan Smith Nash, Ph.D.

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