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Understanding Fictionalized History Programs

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Interview with Dr. Richard Hines and Emily Herff
Dr. Richard Hines is the Program Director for History Programs at American Public University
Emily Herff is a Faculty Member in History Program at American Public University

Viewing history through the eyes of film producers can be an exhilarating experience. You may think that you’re getting most of the true story from what you see but in reality it could only be marginally true. The entertainment factor is key in building an audience for shows like “Vikings.” So, how can you tell fact from fiction? For some it may not matter how much historical significance is tied to the televised events, but for students it should be something to keep in mind. To talk on these fictionalized history programs is Dr. Richard Hines and Emily Herff. Both are experts in the field of history. In this podcast they discuss how popular culture is shaping the field of history, and how much weight is given to these entertaining shows.

Fictionalized History Programs by APUS

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