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What is on Your Holiday Wishlist?

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Even though we have outgrown our belief in Santa, if you celebrate Christmas, we still hold a hope for something magical to happen this time of year. If you could stuff your stocking with something besides candies and trinkets, what would you put in it for school?

Besides wanting tech items like a new stylus, or a new skin for your iPad or smartphone, what about something intangible? Start a school improvement list, instead of just wishing for things to magically change.

Here is a sample list to get you thinking:

  1. Master APA or MLA citations for classwork.
  2. Get a tutor for abstract algebra.
  3. Turn in classwork at least a day before it’s due.
  4. Memorize key terminology for my field.
  5. Review at least one scholarly article every other week as a supplement to classes.

Leave the tech gifts, foot massager, jewelry, and gift cards to your family and friends to give you. Ask yourself for some specific deliverables for the next couple of classes. The more you practice, the more mental muscle memory you’ll gain and the actions will become second nature.

Have a Merry Christmas!

By J. Mason
Online Career Tips Editor

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