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What mistakes are you making while looking for federal jobs?

In an article titled the 12 Biggest Mistakes of Federal Job Seekers posted on GovCentral—a Monster-run Web site committed to providing information about federal jobs—the many mistakes federal job seekers make when applying for federal jobs receive thorough attention.  Noting both misconceptions about the federal hiring process and the various faux pas and blunders one can commit when looking for federal employment, the article sheds light on something constantly puzzled over by federal job seekers.  With that said, what are the biggest mistakes you can make while looking for a federal job?

Of the 12, here are a few that caught my eye:

  1. Only applying for jobs on USAJobs.gov
  2. Using your regular resume
  3. Ignoring specialized experience requirements
  4. Flying through the multiple choice questionnaires
  5. Applying without finishing the application or comparable experience

When looking at the five massive “mistakes” listed above, there are two, in particular, that stick out to me. The first mistake that sticks out to me is, “only applying for jobs on USAJobs.gov.”  Remember that while federal departments, agencies, and bureaus are required to publicize job vacancies, not all of them do so in the same way. Even though many federal departments, agencies, and bureaus use USAJobs.gov to accomplish this task, there are a good many that do not! For example, different intelligence agencies (such as the CIA or DIA) have their own centralized  job management system.

The second mistake that sticks out to me is “using your regular resume.” Recall that the feds like resumes to look a certain way and contain certain information. When writing your resume, be sure to take a look at the Resume and Application Tipspage located on USAJobs.gov. Also remember that APUS has a resume review service available to students! If you would like your resume reviewed, or if you would like more information about federal jobs, please contact either the Office of Student Affairs or the Office of Career Services by e-mailing careerservices@apus.edu or resumehelp@apus.edu!

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