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5 Helpful Steps to Transfer Credits Using APU’s Momentum 2020 Scholarship

By Leischen Kranick
Managing Editor, In Public Safety

The coronavirus pandemic has forced four-year universities and colleges to close physical campuses and shift to online learning platforms. As a result of these sudden changes, students may be concerned about being able to complete their degree on time.

To help students who may have had their degree plan disrupted, American Public University (APU) is offering a short-term, scholarship program for visiting students.

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APU’s Momentum 2020 Scholarship enables up to 20,000+ undergraduate students to take up to two courses using a 50 percent tuition grant. The scholarship will be provided for courses that start in May, June, July, and August 2020.

For visiting students, one of the greatest benefits of the APU Momentum 2020 Scholarship program is to transfer APU course credits back to their home institution. Here’s how.

5 Helpful Steps to Transfer Credits

Before registering, students should first verify that the courses they complete at APU will be accepted for transfer credit at their home university.

Step 1: Choose a Course

Students are advised to review their existing academic plan, identify courses they still need for their degree and use the course schedule tool to narrow down the course or courses you wish to take.

Step 2: Gather the Important Details

Within APU’s course schedule tool, use the + sign to expand the information on each course. Then select the “Additional Course Details” button. Document or print the following information for your home institution.

  • Course description
  • Prerequisites (if any are specified)
  • Course objectives
  • Course materials or books
  • Previous syllabi
  • Session date

Step 3: Talk to Your Home Institution

Your home institution will need a copy of the information gathered in step 2, and possibly additional information, to determine if you will be able to transfer credit to your home institution to be applied to your degree program. APU cannot guarantee credits will transfer back, so be sure to check.

Step 4: Complete APU’s Application

Once you have confirmed that your home university will accept specific APU courses for transfer credit, it’s time to enroll and complete the APU application. There is no cost to apply and no test scores are needed.

Under “Affiliations and Memberships,” choose “Momentum Scholarship.” Under Academic Program, choose “Undergraduate Non-Degree Seeking.” This will categorize you as an “Undergraduate Courses for Transfer” student in our School of Arts & Humanities, the school that is home to our individual course inventory. This is designated as “Undergraduate Courses for Transfer,” because you intend to transfer the credit you earn for APUS courses to your home institution, subject to your home institution’s transfer credit policy.

Step 5: Select Course Start Dates

Once you’ve completed the application, you can select the courses for transfer and the start dates. The APU Momentum 2020 Scholarship is a 50 percent tuition grant applied to APU’s standard tuition.

By taking advantage of the APU Momentum 2020 Scholarship, you could have the opportunity to continue learning online from May through August 2020.

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