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Interview with APU Alumnus, Jalal Almomar

I decided to pursue my studies and get a higher academic degree. Academic credentials are highly in demand in today’s job market. I did research on what would be the best degree for me and not only from the job market’s perspective. The degree needed to be done while I worked. After all my research, I figured out that studying at APU for an MBA degree in global business management was a good choice.

Interview with AMU Alumnus, R. Carter Langston

My degree in emergency and disaster management, combined with my experience in strategic communication planning, issue management and crisis communication, prepared me to lead strategic operational communication and crisis action planning. In crisis management, I lead by developing a strategic operational framework, coordinating with multiple stakeholders and synchronizing those stakeholders’ actions.

Interview with APU Alumna, Heather Groen

If you’re not able to participate in an Earth Day event, then there are many ways you can help contribute working towards our 2020 goal. For example, you could grow your own produce, invest in hydroponic gardening or aquaponics, or just simply plant trees in your own yard for shade canopy and food and shelter for wildlife and birds. Every effort counts. If you do nothing, then you are not improving; you are diminishing.

Interview with AMU Alumnus, Uchenna Faumuina-Eze

Earning my online degree with AMU set me up for success in so many ways. The professors who work directly in the field allowed me to have an optimal learning experience. Also, I developed soft skills like self-discipline, communication, initiative and dependability, which are key aspects in sports and in life. Those soft skills are what I need to be successful in my career.