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Clearing Up Misperceptions on Electromagnetic Pulse Implications

Interview with Dr. Clay Wilson
Program Director, Cybersecurity at American Public University

Films have a tendency to stretch the imagination beyond what is scientifically and physically possible. They are reliant on the suspension of disbelief to build upon the storyline and engross the viewer. One such exaggerated instance is electromagnetic pulse. For the average viewer the misperceptions around electromagnetic pulse implications do not directly impact them, but to those studying cybersecurity it’s extremely important to get educated on its real implications. Here to talk more about his research in the area, and on electromagnetic pulse implications, is Dr. Clay Wilson. In this podcast he goes into great detail about the expectations from the use of EMP.

About the Speaker

Dr. Clay Wilson is the Program Director for Cybersecurity graduate studies at the American Public University, where he has responsibility for designing new courses. He is past Program Director for Cybersecurity Policy at the University of Maryland University College (UMUC), where he oversaw development of new graduate-level courses. Dr. Wilson is also a former analyst for national defense policy at the Congressional Research Service where he analyzed cyber intelligence reports for the U.S. Congress and NATO committees on net-centric warfare, cybersecurity, nanotechnology, and other vulnerabilities of high-technology military systems and critical infrastructures.

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