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Earn Your Certified Coaching Credential Online and Change Lives

By Susan Hoffman
Edge Managing Editor

To bring out the best in employees, colleagues, or clients, leaders and personal coaches can enhance their overall qualifications, bolster their resumes, and sharpen their skills by completing the new Certified Professional Coaching (CPC) classes, offered online at The Learning Platform. Courses begin in April, so enroll today (the last date to register for Coaching 1 is April 5).

Register today for Certified Professional Coaching classes!

Whether you’re a team leader, mentor, or a professional coach helping others realize their own potential, the field of coaching can be a rewarding experience. But the right kind of training is often needed to provide coaches with practical, actionable insights and skills known in the industry that can be put into practice right away.

The Learning Platform offers interactive and exercise-driven instruction that will help you to hone your coaching skills by collaborating with an experienced instructor and fellow classmates as you work through real-life coaching scenarios.

If you successfully complete the three five-week courses – which can be taken individually or in a bundle pack – you’ll qualify to earn your CPC credential.

The three-part series includes:

  • Coaching and Mentoring I: Foundations of Coaching. Gain the skills, methods and strategies you need to be an effective coach.
  • Coaching and Mentoring II: Emotional Intelligence and Assessments. Develop greater self-awareness while exploring the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in the coach-client relationship.
  • Coaching and Mentoring III: Coaching Groups and Teams. Learn how to impact organizational change through coaching groups and teams.

Overall, you’ll learn how to improve key coaching and mentoring behaviors you’ll need as a life, career, or executive coach, such as:

  • Improving your written and oral communication
  • Building trustworthy, ethical relationships with mentees
  • Creating an environment to allow mentees to learn and have results
  • Helping people achieve their personal or professional goals
  • Asking insightful questions
  • Utilizing a code of ethics

This program includes webinars, videos and interactive experiences, as well as lifetime access to updated course materials. Register today.

Susan Hoffman is a Managing Editor at Edge, whose articles have appeared in multiple publications. Susan is known for her expertise in blogging, social media, SEO, and content analytics, and she is also a book reviewer for Military History magazine. She has a B.A. cum laude in English from James Madison University and an undergraduate certificate in electronic commerce from American Public University.

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