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Need a Concentration Boost? Take a Walk!

By: J. Mason
Online Career Tips Staff

Feel yourself drifting after lunch? Motivation takes a backseat after your blood sugar drops, especially if you stuffed yourself on your lunch break. Instead of calling it quits and goofing off the rest of the day, get up and walk!

As we get closer to Spring the weather is perking up, and it’s giving us more reason to get outdoors. Being enclosed all day long can do a number on your psyche, as well as your concentration. Don’t fight the urge to enjoy the beautiful weather, instead put a “meeting” up for 30 minutes and grab a co-worker for a walk. The time outside can actually make you smarter.

According to Dr. Plante of Psychology Today, the small amount of exercise on your work time can help in alleviating stress, anxiety, and it will improve attention and problem solving. To get more motivated create a “concentration break” walk group with your colleagues. The time away from your desk will help lift your spirits, and trim down your waistline.

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