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Resumes – When Is It Time To Call In The Experts?

By: Matt See
Online Career Tips Staff

One of the hardest steps to finding a new job is the selling of one’s self through a few white sheets of paper.

How could one possibly cram all of their accomplishments and work history into two sheets of paper. As many may know, that’s only the half of it. Candidates also have to make it look professional and interesting enough to stand out from the crowd.

Some job seekers have a knack for writing resumes. They know the buzz words and the right amount of information to put on their resume that will catch the eye of the hiring manager enough to land an interview.

For others, this is a daunting task. They know they are a great candidate and their work truly does speak for itself. However, when they sit down at the computer they draw a complete blank and what comes out on their resume pales in comparison to how they would actually perform as an employee.

Both of the aforementioned examples will blast their resume out to a selected number of job postings. Both may have success and they both may fail. It is at this point that one has to not look at themselves as being an inferior candidate but at the actual document itself.

Resumes are the first overall impressions that an employer will make of a potential candidate. Many would like to think that a hiring manager would take his or her time looking over their resume; many times this is not the case. So not only does this first impression need to be quick but also effective.

So, what option does a candidate have when they go months upon months of mailing resume’s with no response? Call in a professional.

A Google search for “Professional Resume Writer” brings up over 700,000 results. How could someone possibly find the right service or writer by weeding through 700,000 results? The true answer is that it is impossible, but that is not the service that a candidate wants to put their career future’s hands in.

When searching for professional resume writers candidates will encounter two types of professional services. The easier of the two to find will be the large companies that specialize in writing a resume quickly and will lure job seekers in with flashy images and testimonials.

These services will also offer low or promotional rates to new clients. This ‘copy shop’ style of service is one that those looking to advance their career should shy away from. Typically a candidate is emailed a general questionnaire to fill out and send back. After the questionnaire is completed the writer will begin placing the information into a boiler plate resume. After the boiler plate is completed, the candidate is sent the resume for revision. This will be the first and only time the writer will be available for questions and revisions. So as one can see, even though this service is a little on the cheaper side and faster it is not the right service to utilize to get ahead in the craziness of the job game.

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The second service available will take a little more of one’s time to seek out and will hit the wallet a little harder, but will get the results that most job seekers are looking for.

Instead of Google this time, go to LinkedIn and search for a professional resume writer. Make sure to pay attention to credentials and testimonials on their LinkedIn profile. Job seekers should reach out to at least three professional writers and see if a connection is made. Candidates should also see if a professional writer who has tailored resumes for their selected career field is available.

Once a connection is made most professional resume writers will start a dialogue with a candidate about the type of position they are looking for and begin a discovery process on their background information. This process will more than likely take a few hours. After this is completed the professional writer will spend the necessary time to construct the resume from scratch, tailored to the job seeker. Typically a first draft is received within a week or two and a bump in the candidate’s results will not be much farther down the line.

As one can see, the process is a little more involved and the cost is a little more on the heavy side. But to get ahead in today’s job game and to get the position that one is truly looking for, it may be time to call in the professionals.

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