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Vlog: Mindfulness in the Online Classroom

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Vlog with Carol Froisy
Program Director, English and Communication at American Public University

Stress is a great cause for concern with many online learners. It can lead to a lack of motivation, confidence, and focus in classes. It’s something that gets overlooked due to time constraints and deadlines. Mindfulness in the classroom could potentially dissolve some of the issues associated with lack of focus and stress.

With mindfulness in the classroom, it is important that both parties involved in the education process be cognizant of mindfulness focus training. Mindfulness is about questioning your identity and relationship to the world around you. By understanding who you are at a deeper level, you are less affected by negative emotions, thoughts, or physical sensations — you are essentially tackling the root of the problem. For those of you who are struggling to strike a balance between your education, family commitments, and life commitments a practice in mindfulness may be the answer to finding balance and reducing stress flare-ups.

In this vlog, Carol Froisy explores the distractions that hold us back in everyday life. Be aware of your surroundings, and know that there are options that will assist you in finding a more constructive path.

Looking for more guidance? Here are a few ways to adopt mindfulness practice to your everyday online learning practice.

  • Practice a half smile
  • Use the RAIN formula to cope with difficult emotions
  • Discovering the Core, Formal Mindfulness Meditations

About the Speaker

Carol Froisy is the Program Director for the English, Communication, Literature, Art History and Music departments. She has been teaching with APU since 2007 staring as an adjunct faculty member. Carol is currently a doctoral candidate at Northcentral University. She has four children ages 40-12 and grandchildren. Her husband is retiring in July, 2015 from the United States Marine Corps after 31 years of service to our country. Carol would not know what to do with free time if she had some, and that is all right with her.

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