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What Do You Do After School?

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What do you do after school?Where is your free time spent after classes are finished? Do you continue to absorb nuggets of wisdom, or is it plop down in front of the TV time?

Many people choose online learning because it fits in with their busy schedules. A lot of students work full-time and have a family to worry about. Traveling back and forth to a campus would be another component that adds to the stress of that type of schedule. With online education, you formulate a schedule that fits into your daily routine. But if you didn’t have class, how would you spend that time? Most students don’t have time for their favorite shows, or traveling. What are you really missing out on while in class? If your time spent after school is nothing to brag about, that’s ok, but just like the summertime when you were in grade school don’t let your knowledge lapse.

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Stay on top of trends in your industry, if this suits your learning and career path. Since you are paying for your education don’t take the time off for granted. Even if you just finished your degree, first round of classes, a mental break is only good for so long. Become apart of your schools social communities, alumni groups (if you have graduated), and branch out to local and possibly national events for your interests.

Free time can be great, but don’t let yourself get lazy. Enjoy your time off, but make sure you give your sabbatical an expiration date.

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By: J. Mason
Online Learning Tips Staff

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