By Paul Potter
Faculty Member, Retail Management at American Public University

What do hotels, retail stores, and internet services have in common? They’ve all been victims of a data breach. It’s easy to blame the merchant for the stolen credit card information. While each situation is unique, there are actually many parties involved. There is the merchant, the credit card company, the bank, and the processing company.

By George Case
Faculty Member, Retail Management at American Public University

Everywhere we turn, it seems we are seeing older workers in the retail work force. Walk into virtually any big box store, and the greeter is more than likely an older citizen. On the surface, it appears the age of the retail workforce is increasing.

By Dr. Marie Harper
Program Director, Management at American Public University

Most of the time when you hear a conversation about higher education, the focus is on the academics and the importance of education. We seldom talk about the running of an education institution, treating that job as if it is a negligible task.

By Kim Otterstetter
Faculty Member, Management at American Public University

We have to play an active role in developing ourselves to reach our full potential. We all know leaders who are accomplished professionals yet still take on other roles. What is it that pushes them to aspire to be more when they are already successful? Often it is a mentor, either formal or informal, that is helping to guide them.

Interview with Dr. Patricia Campbell and Dr. Elena Mastors

How does the current system of publishing academic articles work, and what are the challenges of this? There is still a lot to be learned about the risks of moving forward with open access, but there seems to be a lot of opportunity as well.

By Shun McGhee
Contributor, Career Services

Can you imagine what it would look like, if 30 year-old students made decisions like they did when they were 20? What if a large number of 30 year olds filled the cafeteria dying to know who was going to this weekend’s pajama jammy jam (that’s a co-ed pajama party)? While I could make an infinite list of things 30 year-old college students should not be doing, I will instead set my sights on the things they should be doing.

By Kristen Obst, PhD
Program Director, Public Administration at American Public University

How we produce and consume news is changing, but not with the civic implications that many had predicted when the internet was young and content was free. Predictions made in the earliest days of the internet of massive change in how news is produced and consumed have come true in some respects, but have fallen short by some of the most meaningful measures.

By Dr. Fereidoon Shahrokh
Faculty Member, Marketing and Economics at American Public University

The current state of the U.S. economy rests in part on the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy of keeping its funds rate at near zero, which assures short-term interest rates remain low. Such an economic environment reduces the debt service burden of businesses significantly, which is the reason for especially robust business lending. Regardless of the state of the economy, outsourcing has become a strategic component of business and is expected to continue to grow.